WJ Series Cone Crusher

Cone crusher features:

The hydraulic cylinder replaces the spring to increase the iron stroke and improve the reliability;

Spindle and moving cone separate, spindle fixed, short thick cylinder, bearing capacity;

The rotating speed of the moving cone is not limited, and the crushing speed is increased (the swinging frequency of the moving cone).

Two-way action hydraulic cylinder, a few minutes to complete cleaning broken chamber;

Hydraulic push rod to adjust the drainage, hydraulic push rod to assist the removal of cone assembly;

Power increase;

A moving cone is common to both standard and brachytype. Can match 6 ~ 8 kinds of lining plate cavity shape. WJ series crusher has simple structure. Normal maintenance mainly includes replacing lining plate, filter element and so on, with little workload. And all the internal components of the crusher can be lifted from the upper part of the crusher, normal maintenance has no impact on the operation of other equipment in the system. WJ series multi-cylinder hydraulic crusher, due to the installation of hydraulic drive motor, can be easily removed in a few minutes fixed cone and moving cone assembly: hydraulic cylinder maintenance is convenient, can be completed in half an hour.